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Kids Electric Toothbrush

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This Children's Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush will let your children fall in love with brushing their teeth. It is gently designed for children's teeth cleaning which has a small body, is lightweight, and has a cute shape, allowing children to hold and brush their teeth easily without pressure with one hand.


    • 3D SOFT-BRISTLED BRUSH HEAD: This electric toothbrush uses a high-density 3D soft-bristled brush head to gently massage the teeth and gums, gently clean the mouth, reduce tooth damage, and bring the baby a comfortable brushing experience.
    • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT: The vibration frequency of 19800 times per minute, low noise of 60db, powerful and efficient cleaning of the oral cavity, gently driving away the dirt in the teeth gap.
    • 4 BRUSHING MODES: Cleaning mode/Gentle mode/sensitive mode/polishing mode meets different cleaning needs and protects children's dental health.
    • IPX6 WATERPROOF: The whole body can be washed (not soaked in water) so that children can brush their teeth in the bath.
    • SMART TIMER: 2 minutes smart timing, 30 seconds to change zone reminder, to prevent children from brushing their teeth for too long and causing damage to the teeth.

    SIZE: 19.5*3.5CM


    CHARGING TIME: 3 hours

    LIFE TIME: 45 days