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Pro Whitening Toothbrush Heads

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Color: Black

Unlock the power of clean with Pro Blue Toothbrush Heads! These replacement heads feature ultra soft bristles that gently remove plaque while defending your gums. Plus, the slim head design and contoured shape make brushing a breeze - so you'll never miss a spot! Experience fresh, luxe smiles with Pro Blue Toothbrush Heads.

Inspired by professional dental care, these Pro Blue Toothbrush Heads are the perfect way to get a deep clean without breaking the bank. Each head lasts up to three months - that's over 6 months of freshness and confidence per pack! Get your smile back without ever leaving your home.



- Each Two Pack Will Last 6 Months. 

- Blue Light Technology Built Into The Head. 

- Available In All 3 Colours. 

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

- Free Shipping & Next Day Delivery Available.