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Sonic Toothbrush Promise Pro8

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Color: Rose Gold & Pink

Elevate your oral hygiene with the Promise Pro 8 Sonic Toothbrush. Experience the luxury of sonic technology, delivering a deep clean for a healthier smile. Say goodbye to manual brushing and hello to a powerful, efficient and gentle way of taking care of your teeth.

Features -

 - 3 special cleaning modes. 

- Pressure sensor. 

- 2 minute timer. 

- Dupont soft bristles.

- Wireless Induction charging. 

- Waterproof level IPX8. (Fully waterproof)

- Vibration @ 45000rpm.

- 3 Spare Heads. 

- 3 Colours with Travel case. 

- Luxury Box. 

- 30 Day moneyback guarantee.  

- 2 Year Warranty.